Classic blinds

The Standard and Mini blinds are easily adaptable to any window as they are mounted in one of three possible ways. It is also the best option to save and can be a great choice for those with old type windows.

In addition, you can diversify the interior of the room by ordering roller shutters with a wavy fabric finish at the bottom or top. The finish on the top covers the roller blind brackets and tube. Depending on your needs, the selected fabric can also be lined with a metal strip at the bottom of the roller blind.

The fabric rolls into a roll on the tube.

Important: we also engage in wholesale and retail trade in roller blinds already manufactured and sold in special packaging. To find out more, please contact the details below or visit our store in Panevėžys.

Why do customers choose UAB Destinus blinds?

  • Quality products. The company uses only high-quality materials for the production of roller shutters, so they are durable.
  • Flexible options. We offer to buy roller shutters made especially for your window, so they are ideal for windows of any size.
  • Especially good price. We are manufacturers, not resellers, so you will buy roller shutters at a very good price.
  • Exceptional customer focus. Experienced company employees measure your windows and fasten the blinds themselves. In addition, the specialists work directly with the production department, so you will avoid any problems.
  • The quality is confirmed by the guarantee. Long-term guarantees apply to all UAB Destinus products, therefore customers are always happy with quality purchases.
Where to buy?

You can get detailed information about the selection, prices, production and installation of roller shutters by calling +370 600 29 535 or by visiting our store located at Klaipėdos st. 79A in Panevėžys.

Wholesale and business customers are provided with all the necessary information by phone +370 643 56 689 or e-mail

Advantages of standard and mini roller blinds
  • Smoothly adjustable by retraction and retraction.
  • The blinds are locked in any position.
  • Mechanism color: white.
  • Possible mounting methods: on the wall above the window, on the window frame or on the ceiling above the window. 
  • The blinds are controlled by a chain.
  • Standard32 roller blind - up to 3.2 m, height - up to 3.5 m, Standard24 roller blind - 2.2 m, height - 3 m, Mini roller blind up to 1.5 m, height - 1.95 m *.
  • Standard roller blind tube thickness - 32 mm or 24 mm, Mini roller blind tube thickness - 19 mm. 
  • You can choose from almost 300 different fabrics.

* When ordering larger than recommended dimensions, there are special conditions.
Classic blinds